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Zombie apocalypse:
In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, survivors hold on to the hope of humanity by banding together to wage a fight for their own survival. With the infection spreading and Walkers around every corner, a government research center is your only hope. Find your way through a gut-wrenching scenario back to the “patient zero” Immerse yourself in the survival-driven world of The Walking Dead find clues, discover the cure and get back alive

It’s all started when Meteor crashed into the New Mexico desert and samples were taken back to National Oversight Agency. You are in a group of privately funded journalist and field experts who illegally crossed through the fence surrounding the abandoned NOA facility and entered the laboratory where it all began… You have only 60 min to find out what happened there or….

Cold War:
You are an American special forces unit going deep into the heart of Russia. Our intelligence network has informed us that a cold war dooms day device has activated itself and is ticking down to detonation. If we can not find a way to shut it down, in 60 min it will destroy the world

Had a great time. Definitely worth every penny. Make sure you book in advance, this place is very popular.

This was the best thing ever!! A true tribute to the original game. It was all very realistic, and I appreciated the safety measures taken to insure the safety of not only the participants, but the workers themselves (telling us not to accost the zombie near the stairs and the zombie only serving to irritate us while near the stairs). It’s so good that we drove 6 hours just to play, and we’re planning on coming back when more stories open up. The only disappointment wasn’t a fault of the game or the employees. Our team members left us for dead stuck behind a door without protection, and we were stuck guarding the rooms from the zombie. Amazingly enough none of the guys thought it would be smart for someone who might be a bit stronger to guard the door. Unfortunately we didn’t beat it, but we loved it so much we played the murder mystery. It was fantastic, and we did beat it! Sorry for stealing your key lol.

So I surprised my fiance with the zombie apocalypse quest, which knocked our socks off, for his birthday. We didn’t know what to expect so when we got there we were a little on edge. We started the quest and quickly realized that this was a complete adventure. I must say that I wish we would have invited more people because we definitely needed the extra brain power. I wouldve love to escape the room but the odds were not in our favor haha. I cannot wait to try out the other quest. I’m am looking forward to seeing how creative they are. We had a great experience.

Great experience for team building with my work group!

It was so much fun I would do it again!!!!!!

i went and did the Zombie Apocalypse and it was AWESOME! Its such a great thing to do on a date, a double date and I want to go back and do it with my staff! Its so well thought out, fun…definitely something different to do in ATL!

Being big fans of The Walking Dead and just about any end-of-the-world scenario, my wife and I were “dying” to experience The Zombie Apocalypse. Living Social offered a special deal for Paranoia Quest and I surprised my wife with a date with me to ‘Escape the Room’. The staff was enthusiastic and the whole experience was much less cheesy than expected, I would go so far as to say it was well-orchestrated! The puzzles and props were nicely thought out and the appropriate amount of stress induced by the 60 minute time limit and the warnings of imminent doom over the PA.
If you are reading this message, my wife and I failed to save the world in the last few minutes. Come to Paranoia Quest and follow the clues to resume our research. Look out! The zombies are everywhere!

I loved it! Really fun and with the zombie 2 feet away definitely adds intensity to Zombie Apocalypse at Paranoia Quest! Yes i am going back!

You’ll find yourself in a room, or 3 if you are good enough, where you and several strangers combine your wits to find a cure for the Zombie Epidemic using codes, lost footage of last requests, periodic tables, combinations and more! Yep,it’s as complicated as it sounds but still a whole lot of fun even if you don’t make it out alive like us lol. We were 2 minutes away from figuring out the final sequence for the cure until we got gassed but I’d definitely recommend it to everyone to see if they have what it takes to save the world!


I loved it ! Great for a group of friends . It reminds me of the movie series “Saw” which I also loved. Definitely had a fun, challenging, scary, suspenseful time !

We had so much fun! I went on a group team builder and it was perfect. Very challenging but still fun!

OMG! This was soooo much fun and harder than expected. We did the Zombie Apocalypse room and it was very challenging but fun. Definitely makes you think outside the box. I want to do it again! The people that work there are extremely friendly & helpful. This is great for a date night or go with a group of friends. You’ll need the help!

My friends and I had a BLAST!!!! It was fun, exciting and entertaining I even brought my 14 year old daughter and her friend. It is such a neat experience. I felt like I was a detective who solved my first murder mystery. We solved with three minutes to spare. Can’t wait to do it again. The guys there were awesome, they will give you hints to help you along the way. You have to go and experience it at least one time! We had four strangers in the room with us and at the end we were all high fiving that we did it!! It was definitely a team effort. I wouldn’t have been able to do it alone. I recommend Paranoia Quest we had a great time!

My teenage brother and I had a really fun time together at the Paranoia Quest Zombie Apocalypse escape room! Everyone was friendly and the puzzles were challenging! We definitely want to go back to do the others.

The staff was really friendly. I called to let them know that i may be running late because it started to rain and i had to walk. I wanted to reschedule but she said come on in anyway they would wait. I was with two other girls, we laughed and worked together to solve the mystery. It was fun and an experience everyone should have. loved trying to figure out how the clues we found helped solve the puzzle. Some clues were very tricky but with a few helpful hints, and putting our heads together we got through with a few minuets to spare.

Paranoia Quest was so much fun! It was a great way for my friends and I to spend our Sunday afternoon. We did the inception room, and while it was a challenge, we completed the quest. Had a blast! Will definitely be back.

Loved this place! We will definitely be back!

Visited for a friend’s birthday.With the adrenaline rushing and racing against time, it was definitely challenging. The zombie game room was definitely worth it. Our group did not “save the world” we were very very close but had so much fun. We are definitely going to try the more challenging game room, Inception.

Fun game, horrible area but the inside covers for it! Didn’t win but will come back

Really awesome time! Can’t wait to go back! I would recommend parking in the deck off MLK as the area isn’t the best, but so worth it. Very challenging and plenty for us all to do to get involved.

“Awesome time. ”

Had a great time. Great place to go have fun! We went as s couple and loved it. We did zombie room and got out. It wasn’t too tough. But if you need help there is a phone u can call to help and give hints.

I visited Paranoia Quests Inception room a couple weeks ago and had an AMAZING time. The greeter who assisted us upon arrival was really nice and just enthused about the challenge and her job. There are lockers to put your stuff in and they’re free! Once inside the challenge room you can get as many hints as you want…it was definitely needed. I’m so excited to go back and try another room.

This was my very first room escape and I had an absolute blast! I went with a few friends and we were paired with a crowed we didn’t know which made it both more challenging and even more exciting! We really enjoyed solving the all the puzzles! I can’t wait to go back for inception and infection!

Super fun! We had a great time. Looking forward to going again. It definitely makes you

Took my hubby for a surprise afternoon date. We loved it. Definitely requires you to put on your “thinking cap”. Would do it again.

Loved it!!!!!!! HAD A GREAT TIME!!

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